Stucco Wall Construction Methods

Stucco House Finish: Basics and Application

Stucco is an exterior finishing plaster material that can be found in homes nationwide. It is popular thanks to its durability and versatility. The most popular types of siding are fiber-cement panels, vinyl, and plywood. However, stucco still rules supreme and continues to serve residential homes well. Read on and see the predominant methods of stucco wall construction!

Why Stucco Is Such a Good Choice

House exteriors are composed of layers all of which work in conjunction with each other. The outer layer is the most visible and, as such, it is the most important layer of a home’s lifespan. Unlike other forms of siding, stucco can be applied over masonry and wood-sheathed homes, however, wood homes will call for a few extra modifications. Stucco can be applied using one of three methods, which are one, two, and three-coat. They each vary by composition, what surfaces they work best on, and speed of completion. The one-coat method is faster, while the three-coat method is considered to be the gold standard and, as such, the most durable. A three-coat method is defined by its coats, which are the scratch coat, brown coat, and the finish coat.

One-Coat Method

This uses Portland cement, sand, fibers, special chemicals, and water. This only needs a single application; and can be applied over lath and rigid foam board.

Two-Coat Method

Used on brick and block walls; it does need a bonding adhesive to keep the stucco on the walls. The brown coat is eliminated, and the finishing coat will be applied directly on the scratch coat.

Three-Coat Method

This is the traditional method. It can be used to cover wood sheathing or masonry surfaces. It is made from sand, cement, fiberglass, acrylic additives, and water. This method starts with asphalt-infused paper and a rough, scratch layer, then comes the base layer, after which a finishing coat is added for texture and color.

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